At Pan Peru the greatest source of income is from donations. There are several collaborators who support us financially and allow our work to continue. Likewise, we carry out fundraising events on special dates during the year such as Mother's Day, Theater Play, New Year's Eve Party , etc.

The installation of the Community Library has been achieved through agreements with the government as well as through private contribution of companies.

The maintenance of the Library and the incorporation of new educational materials were achieved through volunteering, fundraising and private donations by companies and individuals committed to our cause. 

Over the years, Pan Peru  has managed to establish a network of contacts with many people and companies willing to collaborate with the project. Therefore, we keep these people informed of the achievements and progress of the program, sharing with them the motto of the program. If you want to support us in this project or any future projects, do not hesitate to contact us. Consider volunteering or donating!