Dear friends ,

Greetings from the Cultural Association to Help Children - PAN PERÚ !

Our organization was founded on February 20, 2004 by a group of enthusiastic people, united by the love of God , with the sole purpose of turning their skills and knowledge to help children living in the most economically disadvantaged areas of Peru. This non-profit institution aims to promote better education, creating a conscience with principles and values, because we believe that education is the best weapon in the fight against poverty.

Therefore, our motto is:


Through a series of activities we promote the participation of the local students and raise the educational level of the children in the most disadvantaged areas of the country. We combat school dropout, support training, raise the professional quality of teachers and encourage parental involvement.

We have started building the most modern Rural Communal Library in the Pampas Grande district, in Huaraz, Ancash, where we expect to benefit about two thousand inhabitants . In our short existence we have given hope to many children. 

We appreciate your visit to our website and pray that you will join us.

God bless you

Josefina Julia Ardiles de Espinoza
Founder - PAN PERÚ

Pan Peru promotes the improvement of educational quality in the most forgotten towns of Peru